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Patient Advocacy

Given unaddressed treatment needs for Chagas in North America, there is a real need to build advocacy networks and on-the-ground support for accelerating solutions for patients.


This session will aim to bring together stakeholders from across the spectrum to engage on how to strengthen and integrate the patient voice on Chagas. Harnessing the potential of patient cohorts will be an essential step in moving towards elimination and eradication targets.


How has US policy fared so far in bringing incentives to help tackle neglected diseases like Chagas?


In addition, with multilateral aid under scrutiny and a new administration potentially looking at different priorities such as trade, this session will foster discussion on what the ideal policy landscape looks like ahead.


This session will aim to bring an up-to-date understanding and discussion of the current research and development landscape.


Get good insight into the outlook for pipelines, clinical trials, nagging unmet needs and strategies to address them.


Programme & sessions



8.00  /  Registration and networking breakfast reception


8.45 /  Welcome from the ISNTD


9.00  /  Keynote address: Pr. Peter Hotez (National School of Tropical Medicine & Baylor College of Medicine)


9.30  /  Session 1: Chagas R&D: Benchtop to Trial


Dr. Colin Forsyth (DNDi)

Chagas Disease: Translating Research into Solutions for Neglected Patients


Dr. Edward D’Antonio (University of South Carolina Beaufort)

Biologically-Active Inhibitors of Trypanosoma cruzi that Target Glucokinase from Structure-Based Drug Design and High-Throughput Screening Studies


Dr. Julio Martin (GSK Tres Cantos)

A Perspective of GSK Commitment to Drug Discovery for Chagas


Dr. Carole Sampson-Landers (Bayer US)


Dr. Luis Filipe Delgado (Novartis Brazil)

Treating Heart Failure: Can We Do More for Chagas' Patients?


10.45  /  Panel discussion 1 Chairperson Prof Peter Hotez



11.30  /  Coffee break



12.00  /  Session 2: From Epidemiology & Screening to Future Collaborations in Patient Advocacy


Dr. Sheba Meymandi (Olive View UCLA Medical Centre)

Chagas: A Neglected Disease in the United States - Challenges and New Insights


Ms. Malwina Carrion (ProMED, International Society for Infectious Diseases)

Chagas Disease in Massachusetts: Epidemiology and Screening Potential


Dr. Yagahira Elizabeth Castro Sesquen (Johns Hopkins University)

The Burden of Chagas Disease and Chagas Cardiac Abnormalities in Latin American Immigrants Living in Northern Virginia


Dr. Monica Miranda Schaeubinger (John Hopkins University)

Chagas Disease and Pregnancy: a Hidden and Neglected Infection in Latinos in Baltimore


Mr. Antonio Arce (Novartis)

Driving Collaboration to Shape Policy for Tackling the Chagas Challenge


13.15  /  Panel discussion 2 Chairperson : Dr B.F Lee Hall  NIH NIAID M.D., Ph.D., (Chief of Parasitology and International Programs Branch in the NIAID Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases)



14.00  /  Lunch



15.00  /  Session 3: Policy – R&D, Funding and the Path to Public Health Policy


Pr. Jeffrey Moe (Duke University Global Health Institute)

Developing Drugs for Developing Countries & the Priority Review Voucher System


Cecilia Inés Centurión (Fundadora Todos Frente al Chagas/ Chagas Disease Alliance)

Up-to- date Technological Information for Decision-making in Chagas Disease (skype address)


Dr. Cameron Durrant (KaloBios)


Anne Marie Finley (Biotech Policy Group)

Chagas: Policy Options to Combat a Growing Public Health Issue


16.00  /  Panel discussion 3 Chairperson : Kamran Rafiq ( Co-Founder & Communications Director ISNTD)



16.45  /  Concluding remarks

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